Are you thinking of




to avoid mistakes before buying


or a CNC Machine Tool.

STOP!! IMPORTANT announcement

to users of Machine Tools for metalworking

who ARE CONSIDERING NEW PLANTS for their production departments

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Why has the choice of the correct machine become so difficult today?

The truth is that, now more than ever,

the world of production is changing at the SPEED OF LIGHT.

Relying on old equipment, old technologies and

old methods of production is too dangerous and

no longer enough to be competitive on the market.

Before starting your research

to choose one of the typical Machining Centers (not very efficient by today’s standards)

the ESSENTIAL STEPS to choosethe ESSENTIAL STEPS to choose

it is extremely important to know which are

the proper Machine Tool for your production department,

If you use Machining Centers or CNC Machine Tools, you know that making the right choice and a good investment in this industry

is becoming more COMPLICATED.

The risk of WASTING a lot of MONEY due to miscalculations and

wrong choices is becoming easier!

without the risk of making a bad investment and WASTING lots of MONEY!

GET THE REPORT in which I explain

the 5 steps that I consider extremely important

for anyone who is considering a Machine Toolfor metalworking.

Download the PDF Report NOW!

Here are some things you will find out by downloading the Report

Which are the typical reasonings that can lead you to make a bad investment.

Which are the formulas and the input / output data that define the piece cost.

The 5 evaluation techniques you need to know before buying a new machine.

What customers say about the METHOD

I had cycle time problems due to downtime in tool changes and loading parts.In order to have all machining processed on the piece, I had to tool different machines.

Now, thanks to this Method of production, I load the piece on the free pallet, while the units are processing.

The positive results are a considerable reduction of production times, precision and reduction of setup times.


Production Manager:

Eng. Marco Stradiotti


Via Matteotti 1 – 13864 Crevacuore (BI) - Italia

Who am I?

Hi! I am Maurizio Porta,

CEO of Porta Solutions and trainer at Porta Production School, where I explain competitive methods of production within the world of the users of Machine Tools.

After more than 25 years of experience in this field, I developed and “designed” my Method, the PORTA Production Method, in order to help production companies that use Machine Tools for metalworking, to reduce waste, increase profit and become more competitive.

for anyone who is considering a Machine Toolfor metalworking

ACT NOW! GET THE REPORT in which I explain

the 5 steps that I consider extremely important

Download the PDF Report NOW!

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